minimal chic menswear made in Ukraine

About Us

The brand VVHY ME was born out of a love for the adventures life sends our way. Specifically, it originated from a phrase written under a bridge in New York one warm evening. This found phrase is as random as everything that happens to us. By "us," we mean ourselves – Sasha and Dima.

Everything that happens to us is the same word that will hide behind these letters many more times – life. It's how we perceive it. What we see and how we see it. How we accept the offer to change our plans from a work task to a random gin and tonic for lunch. What we do it all in.

The brand was born out of love. Love for clothing, its meaning, and how it complements us. A green jacket is a bit more than just fabric – it's an extension of us. An extension of our thoughts, our view, our character. With a green jacket, you can speak without words.

Oh, right – Sasha and Dima, that's us. A designer and a brand manager who seized the phrase "when, if not now" and created a men's clothing brand. The one that makes it enjoyable to choose yourself and agree to adventures. It's impossible to squeeze a long stretch of life into 45 words. And we won't even try.

VVHY ME is about here and now. 

Leaving a job that's gotten boring and starting a new life. 

Eating pizza on a windowsill with a street cat for company. 

Spending your last penny on a ticket to hug a sheep on an Italian farm outside the city. 

Falling in love, even in a cardigan.

People meet, drink coffee, do the same things every day, wander the world, sometimes escape zombies, sometimes meet interesting people, and sometimes they are those interesting people. 

And when they ask why me? 

We say because you are the answer.